India 2020-22 Brochure

67 claimed through certain types of holiday insurance – please check to make sure your holiday insurance policy covers such losses. HEALTH, SAFETY & SECURITY ABROAD Whilst we only contract with reputable suppliers abroad, it is important to note that some countries and/or suppliers do not match British health and safety standards. The applicable safety standards and regulations which apply overseas are those of the country concerned and as a result, general standards of safety, hygiene, fire precautions etc. can be different to those we take for granted in the UK. You are therefore advised to take great care when first venturing into unfamiliar buildings or surroundings. Upset stomachs are a common occurrence whilst abroad and can often be attributed to, for example, the change in climate or ice-cold drinks. Local hygiene and food preparation standards are not to blame as a mere change in diet and water can upset the stomach. Sensible precautions need to be taken especially with regard to raw food, drinking water and ice in drinks. We take your safety very seriously. Should the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advise that people should not visit a particular country, we will act upon this advice as appropriate. However, as media coverage indicates, many countries we feature are subject to political and economic instability. Crime against people and property are a fact of life throughout the world and hence it is important to be extra vigilant when visiting strange countries. You have the same responsibility for your personal safety and possessions abroad as you do at home. Avoid drawing attention to yourself by wearing expensive jewellery, carrying expensive camera equipment, publicly displaying large amounts of money etc. Do not leave valuables unattended, and, where possible, store them in a safe. Always respect local customs, standards and sensibilities especially in areas of cultural and religious importance, as failure to do so may offend local inhabitants. HOLIDAY AND FLIGHT CHANGES IN RESORT Any changes that you might wish to make to your flight details or accommodation in resort are subject to availability and must be paid for locally. Should you decide to change your accommodation to another featured in our brochure, you will be charged the local rate and not as shown in our brochure. In addition, the original hotel may charge cancellation charges if you leave. Flights usually cannot be changed in resort except by buying new tickets (the cost may be recoverable from your insurers if there is a medical reason which necessitates the change). HOTEL FACILITIES Please note that charges may be made for the use of hotel facilities such as golf, tennis, spa, water sports, children’s clubs, etc. Please contact us prior to booking if you have specific queries regarding facilities. INSURANCE It is imperative that you ensure that all of your party have adequate and appropriate insurance. You are free to choose your own policy but you must satisfy yourself that the policy is adequate for your needs, in particular for any activities you are contemplating during your holiday. Certain activities are considered hazardous, check that you are fully insured. LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE For economy-class passengers, many airlines have a strict limit of 20kg baggage allowance, plus 3kg for hand luggage. MAINTENANCE WORK Necessary renovation and maintenance work may be carried out at any time, although this work is kept away from guests as far as possible, to minimise any disturbance or inconvenience. (Also see ‘resort development’). MEDICAL INFORMATION You should ALWAYS consult your doctor before travelling for confirmation of inoculations and or medication recommended for travel in your chosen destination. Practical advice is available from the Hospital for Tropical Diseases Healthline: telephone 020 7950 7799 (calls cost 50p per minute and last 7-8 minutes on average). A safari is a physically strenuous undertaking across often-remote locations; any relevant pre-existing medical conditions or previous medical history should be declared to Somak and your travel agent (if used). MEALS The standard of meals and services varies immensely, usually in line with the standard of accommodation booked. Meals that are included in your meal plan are usually taken in the main restaurant and will be a buffet or set menu. ‘A la carte’ meals and speciality restaurants are at additional cost. Breakfast is usually simple English or continental style. ‘Half Board’ is normally breakfast and buffet/set menu dinner. Some hotels offer a buffet dinner up to a certain voucher value which is at the discretion of the hotel and can be topped-up locally. ‘Full Board’ means breakfast, buffet/set menu lunch and buffet/set menu dinner. ‘All Inclusive’ – sometimes not all bars and restaurants are included and supplements may be charged for certain brands of drinks, speciality meals/ restaurants. Meal supplements at peak seasons are obligatory, whether meals are taken or not. MINIMUM/INSUFFICIENT NUMBERS Tours may be subject to minimum numbers, and may be cancelled in the event that these are not met. You will then have the choice of booking an alternative holiday with us, though if the alternative is at additional cost the difference will be payable by you, or have a refund of monies paid. Such cancellations will usually be advised a minimum of 8 weeks before departure. PHOTOGRAPHY In many cultures it is polite to ask permission before taking a photograph of a person and you may be asked to pay to photograph people. Do not take photographs of airports, bridges, government offices or military buildings. Always check with your guide/representative/ driver. Some countries may require you to register or bond your video equipment with customs on entry. PREGNANCY Most airlines will refuse permission for women to fly who will be 28 or more weeks pregnant on the date of return travel. Failure to comply with airline regulations may result in cancellation and denial of boarding, and we cannot be held liable for any such occurrence. PUBLIC AND RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS Please note that services may be curtailed or limited during public holidays, and certain religious holidays. Such public or religious holidays can be called at very little or no prior notice. REPRESENTATIVES We employ the services of highly experienced local ground handling companies to oversee all aspects of your holiday as booked in the UK. They will be your first point of contact should you experience any difficulties whilst on holiday and will endeavour to help. You will be met by an airport representative on arrival in your chosen destination, who will provide you with local contact details. RESORT DEVELOPMENT Construction work can cause discomfort, vibration and noise at certain times in resorts. We have no control over building work and we are unable to anticipate the speed or extent to which such development may occur. Should we learn of specific developments at or close to your accommodation that are likely to affect the enjoyment of your holiday, we will do our best to contact you before departure. If we are of the opinion that the building works may reasonably be considered to seriously impair the enjoyment of your holiday, we shall offer you the opportunity to transfer to an alternative holiday of comparable type. If the alternative offered is at additional cost, the difference will be payable by you, or we will give you the option to cancel with a full refund of all monies paid. ROADS Conditions can be rough and journeys may be long and uncomfortable with infrequent breaks. We strongly recommend that you conduct further research to satisfy yourself that you and your party will be able to withstand the physical rigours involved. All distances and travelling times quoted are approximate and may vary for operational reasons. Driving times may take a lot longer than you would expect. SCUBA DIVING We strongly recommend that you only partake in this activity with a registered company that is affiliated to P.A.D.I., or a similar such organisation. It is dangerous to fly, or proceed to altitude, less than 48 hours after you have dived or diving within 48 hours of a flight. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance cover. SWIMMING Swimming along many coasts can be dangerous due to strong undercurrents and other elements. Please seek the advice of the local representative before venturing into the sea and avoid swimming in deserted areas. Do not let non-swimmers or children jump into a swimming pool without first checking the depth and means of exit. TICKETS & TIMINGS Having received your payment, you will be sent your tickets and other documentation approximately two weeks prior to departure. Check all details including names and initials carefully. Please note that flight timings may have been adjusted since your confirmation invoice was issued. Your itinerary will be sent with your tickets. Once issued, tickets are non- transferable, non-changeable and non-refundable. Some tickets (eg for light aircraft flights) are issued in resort and handed to you on arrival at your destination. TIPPING Tipping is customary in many parts of Africa, but please note that it is entirely discretionary and we recommend that you only tip if you feel that you have received good service. TOURS – SINGLE SUPPLEMENTS The supplements are applicable for single occupancy if travelling with at least one other person. All tours can be taken by a single person travelling alone, but will incur a higher supplement, details of which are available on request. TRAVEL ADVICE We are working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to do all that we can to help British travellers stay safe overseas. Before you travel, we recommend that you visit the FCO website at for up-to-date travel advice. VALUE ADDED OFFERS All offers are available for holidays started and completed within the periods specified and all nights must be consecutive. VISAS AND PASSPORTS Visa information in this brochure is provided for British passport holders who are citizens and residents of the United Kingdom. Non-UK passport holders should consult the relevant Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for visa details. It is the responsibility of all passengers to ensure that they hold the correct and valid travel documents, including visas for all countries to be visited. Failure to do so may result in your intended travel being curtailed or terminated, and we will not accept liability for your loss in such circumstances. All UK passport holders travelling to any country featured in this brochure require a 10-year passport, valid for at least 6 months on the date of your intended return to the United Kingdom. All passengers must carry their own travel documentation. All children travelling must be in possession of their own passport. If you are travelling to more than one country on your holiday you may be required to hold multiple entry visas. The time taken to process a visa varies tremendously, however, you should allow at least four weeks by post and two weeks if using a visa service. Note: False declarations on your visa form may result in you being denied entry to the country you intend visiting. Visas may be obtained via The Visaservice , Tel: 0207 593 6223, email . Please note that the passport/visa requirements are for guidance only and are subject to change. Please check there have been no amendments. Somak Holidays also produce an ESSENTIAL HOLIDAY INFORMATION BOOKLET which is sent out with your travel documents. This contains important information that relates to your holiday, and we would strongly recommend that you read this carefully before departure. A copy of this booklet is available on request, if required earlier.

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